Book Review: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard


Title: Red Queen

Author: Victoria Aveyard

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

ISBN: 978-0-06-231063-7

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy


Mare Barrow’s world is divided by blood—those with red and those with silver. Mare and her family are lowly Reds, destined to serve the Silver Elite whose supernatural abilities make them nearly gods. Mare steals what she can to help her family survive, but when her best friend is conscripted into the army, she gambles everything to win his freedom. A twist of fate leads her to the royal palace itself where, in front of the king and all his nobles, she discovers a superhuman ability she didn’t know she had.

Except… her blood is Red.

To hide this impossibility, the king forces her into the role of a lost Silver princess and betroths her to one of his own sons. As Mare is drawn further into the Silver world, she risks her new position to aid the Scarlet Guard — the leaders of a budding Red rebellion. Her actions put into motion a deadly and violent dance, pitting prince against prince and Mare against her own heart.


Red Queen is just… wow. My mind was blown by the plot twist. I bought this book mainly because of the hype and so far, I do not regret reading this read. Each character has their own skeletons in their closet. The one with the worst skeletons will blow your mind. Anyone can betray anyone.


Red Queen is set in a world with evolved humans. A world divided by blood. Those with Silver blood, live luxuriously and safe behind their supernatural abilities. Reds on the other hand, are peasants, the servants of the Silvers. They are forever bounded and limited by their blood. Mare Barrow has the best and worst of both worlds. She is forced to pretend as a “Lost Silver Princess” to cover up the accident she caused in front of many Silvers. With the given circumstances, Mare Barrow risks her life to join the Scarlet Guard. Joining the rebellion in pursuit of freedom from the unfair rule of the Silver Elites. But things took an unfortunate turn, the betrayal of one caused death to thousands.


Mare Barrow a 17-year-old girl, an anomaly, the girl with a strange mutation–the little lightning girl. One thing to be noted about Mare is how she would do anything for the people she loves. She wouldn’t have gambled and sacrificed her freedom if it weren’t for the well-being of her best friend, siblings at war, sister, ill father and poor beloved mother. She would’ve stopped fending for herself and accepted death easily, but being a puppet to the Silvers keep her  family alive. She had no choice but to accept.

Cal Calore. Cal is cunning and unpredictable. He is mysterious and brave. He is a born and bred soldier. He is a romantic. Ahh, the perfect son. Being the next in line for the throne, Cal’s fate is already decided for him, engaged to the most suitable lady and lives the life of a puppet.

Don’t get me started with Maven Calore.  I believe Maven is a misunderstood kid, forced and brainwashed to do the things he’s done. Being Cal’s shadow, he makes his own fate by joining the rebellion. Maven is betrothedto Mare, and I must say, their chemistry is very believable, considering their engagement was merely a publicity stunt.

Aveyard’s writing style is quite similar with Tahereh Mafi’s, minus the strikethroughs.

If you’ve read and loved at least one of these series: The Hunger Games, Divergent, Shatter MeThe Selection and Game of Thrones, this book is definitely for you!

I reaally enjoyed reading the book but somehow, it seemed lacking.After finishing the book, I was waiting for that certain zeal I usually get after reading books that I LOVE, but alas! It never came, but I’ve heard good things about Glass Sword, I’m anticipating great things from it. Four potatoes for the little lighting girl, the Red queen!

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