New Rating System!!

Hey guys!

As you know, ever since I started this blog, I’ve been rating books using potatoes instead of stars. And honestly, I did not have a proper rating system. At the end of every review, I just stop and think “How many potatoes is this book worth?” and end up giving it 4 or 5 potatoes with out actually following any rubric of some sort. And it makes me feel guilty because I think I’ve not been fair about the ratings I give.

So I made a new rating system/rubrics (as if I actually did have a rating system before haha). Don’t worry, the potatoes stay.

Here goes:

rating system

Aaand now this is where my potatoes come in:

DNF/0-24%potato carpe

25-54%      potato carpepotato carpe

55-74%      potato carpepotato carpepotato carpe

75-89%      potato carpepotato carpepotato carpepotato carpe

90-100%   potato carpepotato carpepotato carpepotato carpepotato carpe


I believe my rating system is just. But I also hope I won’t give a 1 potato rate to any book. This rating system will be effective on September 4 2016 onward (up until I formulate a better rating system).  Also, I have recently put up my Review Policy check it out if you want!



potato carpesign


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