Book Review: Beautiful Chaos by Alex Tully


Title: Beautiful Chaos

Author: Alex Tully

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Series: Stand alone

Genre: Young Adult | Romance | Contemporary

Goodreads Summary

While most seventeen year-olds work part-time delivering pizzas or whipping up frappuccinos, Brady O’Connell’s job is a little less conventional. Helping his dad with the family ‘business’ is a responsibility he doesn’t take lightly, especially when thousands of dollars are being exchanged. There are rules to be followed, timetables to be kept. But when his best friend Jay gets backstage concert tickets, and business interferes with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet their favorite band, Brady decides to break the rules, just one time.

And one time is all it takes to send his life spinning out of control. When an envelope full of cash ends up in the wrong hands—specifically in the hands of a pretty red-head named Vivienne—things get messy in a hurry. Where Vivienne goes, a whole lot of chaos seems to follow.

But sometimes…chaos is a beautiful thing.

From the author of Hope for Garbage comes another fast-moving, emotionally-charged tale, full of plot twists that will keep you guessing, and true-to-life characters you will root for. Most of all, this is a story of first love—crazy, chaotic first love—love that hits us hard, and never lets go.


An envelope full of money­­.

A pink backpack.

A crazy ex-boyfriend.

A beautiful chaos.

I simply adore this book!

The story between our two protagonists was literally a beautiful chaos. At first, I actually thought it would be the typical boy-meets-girl-and-magic-happens-and-poof! Kind of story, but boy was I wrong. Something bigger is happening in the background, which adds mystery to their love story. Their love story started, almost ended, and started over again because of an envelope full of money inside a lost pink backpack. I cannot stress enough how I love stories that revolve on one very trivial thing. How the puzzle pieces get together all because of that one thing. How that mere thing can cause such a great impact on people’s lives.  Although the story’s conflict was a bit ‘meh’ and predictable and seemed like something I could read from a WattpadPH  story, it was saved by how nerve-breaking the scenes became.

Brady, our protagonist is such a nerd. And I love him for that ♥ Brady is without a doubt one of my new book crushes. He’s good at math and science, he goes out of the way for a date, has just enough awkward in him, has a really adorable smile, and he’s a beautiful chaos himself! PLUS How awesome is it to meet a walking calculator?

Vivienne, our lovely red-head heroine, is just precious. Let me tell you how I love her name! Vivienne. It spews class and sophistication, such a contrast to our little Vivienne who is apologetic, a ball of sunshine, and is such a cinnamon roll.

But most of all, I loved the slightly psycho antagonist. I held my breath every time his name get mentioned, because shit happens when he shows up.

I had absolutely loved Alex Tully’s writing style. I loved how at the end of almost every chapter, we have a cliffhanger ending. I actually think cliffhangers are great because it makes you crave the next part/chapter. Plus, the way it’s written makes you feel like you’re not only reading a romance novel because it’s not just all romance and sweet stuff. It’s funny and suspenseful as well!

All in all, everything was amazing. The plot was awesome. The protagonists were very relatable and the antagonist was just the right amount of psycho. The novel stood up to its tittle. It was indeed a beautiful chaos.


Plot – 20%

Characterization – 25%

Writing Style – 20%

Book Cover Relevance – 5% (I absolutely loved the book cover)

Feels – 15%

Shareability – 10%

Total – 95%


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